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Elogix is a business software development firm with years of experience in the research, development and implementation of information systems. Elogix uses state of the art technology to solve real business problems by providing end-to-end business information and communication software, entrenched in practical business processes.

Founded in 2008, Elogix focused on investing in research and development of software packages for a few industries. Elogix software packages are used in Finance, Investments, Supply and Retail, Health Care, Insurance and Education sectors.

The extensive work done by our team in developing and setting up various management information systems and eSolutions has played a significant role in our clients’ operations.

Our directors and associates have extensive business and project experience gained by working in the United Kingdom, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.

Our goal is to deliver practical, localized, value-driven and world-class business solutions and services to our clients.


  • Bespoke Software Development
  • MIS Research and Development
  • Cloud Services for SMEs
  • Business Analytics and Reporting
  • Websites and Mobile Applications
  • IT Managed Services


Our approach is simple: we listen, learn, create and improve very fast, using reliable technology that just works. We invest significant time into on-the-ground research and planning before execution but do this within an agile development methodology.

Our goal on each project is to see our client satisfied with the business and technical objectives for the project. We are reliable, strong and creative.