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Elogix develops superior online brand presence, customized enterprise, e-commerce, web and browser-based solutions across a wide array of industries.

Websites and Applications

The 21st century business has to project itself to the world as a professional, accessible, global and prepared business, irrespective of its staff strength or size - and it must do this in such a manner that adds value to its brand elements.

Elogix Web Presentation

The schema above demonstrates our trademark approach to achieving a consistent brand presentation for print and web mediums.


  • Correct badly designed brand elements: typography, colors, mark, and overall brand identity (logo, business card, letterhead);
  • Correct badly structured, slow-performing, non-fluid and non-accessible website designs;
  • Create world-class presentations that deliver results to your overall marketing and sales strategies by leveraging the power of the internet as the most budget-effective global advertising and communication channel;
  • Develop content layouts that are consistent with current web design standards;
  • Utilize Search Engine Optimization and proven website promotion techniques to increase online visibility and discovery;
  • Create dynamic, database-driven websites that provide the tools for frequent and zero-cost updates to website content in order to stay relevant in the ever changing and competitive business world;
  • Register domains and provide shared or dedicated hosting services for your websites
  • Hold online advertising campaigns for clients

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Cloud Service for SMEs

TotalEnterprise, our cloud based solution provides a start-up, growing or big enterprise with intelligent, insightful, instant,convenient, cost-saving and complete information, for achieving its vision.

If you have decided to improve upon internal record keeping and reporting or would like more robust systems to accommodate the data growth in your organization, our enterprise information management services are just what you need.

  • Generate reports on time: With basic book keeping knowledge, you do not need to hire a permanent accountant or depend on specific employees before you can generate important business reports and financial statements providing insight into your company‚Äôs current performance. You can even have specific reports automatically delivered to you via email periodically!
  • Automate redundant tasks: You can easily perform periodic tasks such as processing of payroll yourself or call in an Elogix Enterprise Automation Consultant to get you setup and ready to go.
  • Stress-free migration: We make it easy to migrate onto our platforms by providing you with experienced database engineers and trained data entry personnel who will be responsible for converting existing physical records or databases into platform compatible formats, as well as providing training and support to users.
For all Enterprise Management Software, we utilize a proprietary light-weight, scalable and robust server-based technology that seamlessly integrates the following features into all custom developments:
  • Secure Login with Active Directory Authentication Support
  • Access Level dependent functionality and software units
  • In-built and secure form emailing with automatic report delivery to management on specified time-frequency and conditions
  • Dynamic User Dashboards for role-based and case-by-case reporting to support quick decision making
  • Integrated Audit Trail and Record Modification Control
  • Easy Data Migration to .XLS format, bulk importation from .CSV format, form/tabular printing
  • Spatial-Data support with Dynamic Map Reports for visualizing location based datasets
  • Automated Database Backup and Live Replication Services
  • User-friendly and consistent User Inferface
In other words, if you would like to create an extended information system beyond Elogix TotalEnterprise, your customization will be ready out of the box with all these features and more.

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Research and Development

Elogix is highly experienced in the art of custom software specification. All Elogix Solutions are products of several years of actual research and engineering of applications for clients.
As a result, our engineering process introduces a build->test->use->enhance cycle into all stages of software development and on all user platforms, thus achieving rapid and stable software units.

  • We custom build for all industries, platforms and scales;
  • We custom build Rich Internet Solutions (RIA apps) that deliver an unparalleled combination of interactivity and time-saving presentation level solutions for in-house applications or to niche market online users;
  • We custom build browser-based and platform independent web solutions;
  • We custom build e-commerce solutions that integrate with Skrill (Moneybookers) payment platforms and shopping carts that enable businesses to receive orders and sell online;
  • We custom build specialized desktop applications that leverage windows platforms to integrate with existing microsoft windows services and applications (Microsoft Office, Active Directory, Exchange); input devices (finger print and face scanners, etc), communication devices (modems, routers), output devices and any other third-party device with an application programming interface.

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Software Training

We provide training to groups or staff of our client companies on general computer software usage and offer more specialized software training programmes.

  • Regular User Group: Microsoft Office training for beginners and intermediate users; Internet usage for emails, research and professional networking
  • Power/Technical User Group: MySQL v5.0 & PostgreSQL 9.0 Database Programming (T-SQL and PLPGSQL scripting) and Management for beginners and novice users; Website & Application Development using xHTML, javascript and Microsoft.NET technologies
  • Business Users: SAP Crystal Reports v12.0 training for creation of tabular, cross-tab, chart, summary and nested reports.

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