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Custom/Enterprise Software

University of Ghana, Accra City Campus

Students Registration & Management System

  • ELOGIX developed and managed the Students Database for Accra City Campus from 2007 to 2010.
  • The system provided student statistics, course register, and examination result reports for over 5000 students.

ICT-Centre Terminal Management System

  • Upon a request for proposal and subsequent acceptance, ELOGIX developed and is still providing support for a terminal control and time management software system for controlled access by students to the ICT Centre's computer facilities.
  • The system extended the functionalities available in TimeCone and currently manages a pool of more than 100 computers.

Print Management System

  • Several months after the implementation of the Terminal Management System, University of Ghana requested a Print Management software to account for ink and paper usage across multiple hp laserjet printers.
  • We engineered a robust framework that integrates with the Terminal Management System database and provides the features highlighted under PrintCone.


Head Office

  • ELOGIX engineered and provides support for the IT Help-desk of Stellar Group of Companies to manage service requests from over 10 subsidiary companies including Stellar Power, The Lexington, Stellar Deluxe, and more.


  • As the operators of the TNT Express franchise in Ghana (express delivery service), STELLAR TNT Express required a way bill management software for maintaining a database of customers and easy printing on way bills.
  • ELOGIX created a networked-based software for the creation of customers, source and delivery addresses for the printing of way bills and generation of periodic reports on way bills created.

Egala, Atitso & Associates

Enterprise Management System

  • Setup a centralized enterprise wide area network with publicly accessible but secure server services;
  • Implemented Customer Invoicing, PayRoll and Accounts Management software modules (via TotalEnterprise)

Geomatic Innovations (Geovatis)

Spatial Management Information System

  • As a development partner of Geovatis, ELOGIX created this spatial decision support framework to integrate with legacy GIS tools (ArcGIS, MapInfo), allowing Geovatis to setup and manage the land survey, environment, compensation, and resettlement databases of several of its local and international clients in the mining sector including Perseus Mining (Ayanfuri, Ghana), Metorex (DRC) and IAMGOLD (Essakane, Burkina Faso);

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Logos/Brand Identity

The logos below are products of the Elogix Website service after each client brand was passed through.

Featured Logo re-designs

Click to observe how the original brand messages or identities were maintained, despite the fresher and more professional look!

Websites/Online Presentation

The websites below are products of the Elogix Website service after each client brand was passed through.

Featured Website re-designs

Click to observe the transformation each client's website went through for brand consistency, better presentation, greater accessibility and usability, and a good measure of functionality and general performance.

Featured Original Designs

Featured Content Programming Work

The following websites were programmed to be run on ELOGIX SiteRail CMS, a content management system that eliminates the need to continually pay the designer of a website for frequent content updates.

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