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SmartBusiness Features

Customers & Sales

  • Supports Cash, Credit, Pre-Order and Reservation Order Types.
  • Multi-currency Sales Invoice with customizable discounts, taxes and payment terms.
  • End of day sales report by location/sales personnel/product or service.
  • Maturing and Ageing Receivables Analysis.
  • Reporting of foreign exchange effects on receivables.
  • Orders by item/service, location/outlet/customer and type of order.
  • Return order with automated accounting.
  • Fully integrated into Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

Purchasing & Payables

  • Purchase Invoice (with 1-page Purchase Contract) and Payment Tracking
  • Maturing and Ageing Payables Analysis
  • Reporting of foreign exchange effects on payables
  • Fully integrated into Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.



  • Budget Planning and Monitoring
  • Cash and Bank Management
  • Income, Expenditure Analysis
  • Liquidity Management
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Performance Ratios
  • Easy to use Income, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Reports
  • Multi-currency support with unified reporting
  • And more…


  • Plan Activities and Milestones
  • Track Project Expenses and Earnings
  • Monitor Project Inventory and Stock Items
  • Easily Generate Overall Project Status Report


  • Manage Inventory for office use or production, and stock for sale
  • Inventory Requisition and Relocation
  • Item Packaging for Products with multiple inventory components, for detailed analysis
  • Low Items, Expiring & Damaged Items Reports
  • Inventory turn-over report with intelligent stock re-order days alerts and low item notification
  • Easy tracking of inventory/stock requisition, approval and final movement to any department/outlet
  • Detailed Requisition Analysis
  • Manage your production/construction processes from raw material stage, to selling of finished product
  • Get notified on poor yield or inventory misuse in real time, and systematically monitor production/construction trends.


Human Resources & Document Workflow

  • Detailed HR Statistics: Branches, Departments, Positions, Pay-grades,Allowances/Benefits, Deductions, Leave Types and more
  • Full Personnel Records
  • Remuneration Management: Automated PAYE and Social Security Deductions
  • SSNIT and IRS Reports
  • Welfare Deposits & Withdrawals Tracking
  • Repayment (integrated into Finance)
  • Payroll Manager with electronic Pay-slips (integrated into Finance)
  • Staff Appraisals
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Documents/Workflow Manager for e-Approvals
  • Employee Self-Service
  • And more...

Smart Education

  • Customizable list of GES Programs, Subjects and Grading System.
  • Over 30 analytics and statistics on students and teachers available.
  • Visualize Teacher Performance by Subject and Class.
  • Bulk processing and generation of Student Bills or Per Program/Class registration.
  • Itemized bill with detailed tracking especially for Feeding.
  • Automated Tracking for Feeding includes: Total Bill, Amount Paid VS Amount Used, etc.
  • Customizable list of Kitchen Menu
  • Group Students by Feeding Preferences with tailored billing options.
  • Visualize Kitchen performance by Meal, Day and other variables.
  • Grading of Academic and Extra-Curricular activities available.
  • Mark (daily) attendance for Absent/Present Students.
  • Smart general time table (daily schedules for entire school).
  • Guardian Access with insights into Ward(s) Performance, Teachers Comments, School Fees, Class Schedules, Assignments, Extra-Curricular Activities, even daily feeding Data and reports.
  • Two-way Report Center for Guardians to lodge complaints and concerns, as well as for School administration to communicate with Guardian.
  • Communication Portal to Parents for Notices and Announcements, with email and sms notifications.
  • Boarding Facilities Management

Smart Healthcare

  • Flexible Individual, Group and Corporate Client Registration Patient Vitals and Case Management with History
  • General Patient Services with automated routing to respective departments
  • Bed Activity and Ward Occupancy Statistics
  • OPD and IPD Gender and Age Statistics
  • Morbidity and Mortality Statistics
  • Individual, Group, Corporate and Insurance Provider Billing
  • Automated Billing into all Service Points
  • Service and Medication Demand Analytics
  • Detailed setup of Health Service Pricing, Case Types and Insurance plans
  • Doctor’s Dashboard with Currently Open Cases and Patients in Waiting
  • Full integration with Pharmacy Stock And more…