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TotalEnterprise empowers a start-up, growing or big enterprise to make informed decisions towards achieving vision.

The Six-Qualities of TotalEnterprise

Find out what's really happening with your business so you can go from reactive to proactive.

TotalEnterprise is able to do many things quickly, accurately and in a timely manner, so you can focus on your real business.

Run your business in real time. TotalEnterprise empowers you to make quick decisions

All of your business in one secure place. Live no longer in fragments of truth, only connect the dots.

What is the cost of a bad business decision? Don't wait to find out.
Grow your business based on facts and predictive analysis.

Information that is difficult to produce or access easily loses its relevance.
Get what you need, when you need it, wherever you are: stress-free!

TotalEnterprise Packages

Smart Business

  • Supports Cash, Credit, Pre-Order and Reservation Order Types.
  • Multi-currency Sales Invoice with customizable discounts, taxes and payment terms.
  • End of day sales report by location/sales personnel/product or service .
  • Maturing and Ageing Receivables Analysis .
  • Reporting of foreign exchange effects on receivables.
  • Orders by item/service, location/outlet/customer and type of order .
  • Return order with automated accounting.
  • Fully integrated into Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
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Whole Sale & Retail

  • Manage supplies and purchase invoices.
  • Track purchase order and due payment to suppliers.
  • Automated accounts receivables, accounts payable and cost of sale accounting.
  • Detailed set up of product and service catalogue across your distribution channels.
  • Track damaged, unusable and expiring items
  • Receive cash and credit sales, pre orders and reservations for your stock.
  • Get instant end of sales report per outlet/sales personnel/ product and grade performance.
  • Gain complete insight into your maturing receivables/payables and ageing receivables/payables.

Smart Healthcare

  • Intelligently improve the performance, efficiency and quality healthcare of your facility with the Integration of information from all departments.
  • Conveniently manage Patient Profile and Cases integrated into Patient Billing Account.
  • Completely manage Patient cases from Opened to Closed Cases keeping track of Patient Case History.
  • Setup Company and Family Billing Accounts with dependent Patient Profile under them.
  • Insightfully organize and manage ward and bed usage with instant Ward Occupancy State report.
  • Instantly get standard Ghana Health Service Reports on IPD and OPD gender statistics, Morbidity and Mortality Statistics.
  • Intelligently manage all Healthcare services and automatically routing Services to their respective departments.
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Smart Education

  • Manage student’s records and keep track of academic records history.
  • Automatically track feeding fees, revenue and cost at the kitchen level.
  • Itemized billing of students with detailed tracking fee payments.
  • Set grading for academic and extra-curricular activities available.
  • Conveniently organize guardian to wards record which gives parents insights into Ward(s) Performance, Teachers Comments, School Fees, Class Schedules, Assignments, Extra-Curricular Activities, even daily feeding Data and reports.
  • Daily class attendance marking by teachers.
  • Intelligent time table which automatically shows daily schedules per time due for the entire school.
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People Management

  • Get detailed HR Statistics: Branches, Departments, Positions, Pay-grades, Allowances/Benefits, Deductions, Leave Types and more.
  • Remuneration Management: Automated PAYE and Social Security Deductions (SSNIT) and IRS Reports, Welfare Deposits & Withdrawals. Tracking Staff Loan Request, Approval, Disbursement and Repayment (integrated into Finance).
  • Payroll Manager with electronic Pay-slips (integrated into Finance) Leave Request and Approval Management Staff Appraisals Recruitment and Training.
  • Get insight into educational, professional background and experience of personnel to identify training and development needs to address them.
  • Measure workforce reduction rate to create a better working environment for your employee retention.
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